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    1. We are Different.

    FUSION Footwear offers a personalized service that can't be matched in Oshkosh and the surrounding area. We are educated in basic biomechanics and are trained to match what we see happening with a customer's arches and ankles to the right type of shoe. Our employees know the specifications of each shoe in our store. Our goal is to provide customers a unique experience that puts them in the correct support and cushioning.

    2. How it's done.

    We provide a gait analysis, study wear patterns of old shoes and interview each customer on past injuries or chronic aches & pains, shoe use, to find the right shoe for each person. Each customer will remove their shoes and roll up their pants legs to see their ankles. The customer then walks back and forth across the store while we take note of their arch height, ankle position, and how they work together.

    Depending on how your body naturally moves while you walk or run, our staff can determine the amount of support you need from your shoes. The type of foam, arch support and upper construction can all affect how comfortable you feel on the move in your shoes.

    3. The right fit.

    We select models of shoes specific to the needs of our customers. The customer then tests out each of the various models. For the customer who is looking at a shoe for the purpose of running, we encourage them to go for a run outside around our building. This provides the customer a more accurate feeling of what they will experience running. After narrowing the shoes down through the process of elimination, our goal is to find the shoe that is truly best for them.

    4. Our guarantee.

    When a customer is confident in a pair of shoes, we recommend that they try the shoes out at home for a trial period to be sure they are in the correct shoes. Being runners and avid exercisers ourselves, we understand that a new pair of shoes may feel different in the store that it does out on the roads.

    Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with your running shoes, bring them back to the store within 14 days. We will work with you to find a different pair of shoes with similar characteristics that will work for you.
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    Toe fit
    Toe fit
    Shoe slide on
    Inserting foot in shoe
    Arch analysis board
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