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    We fuse together custom programs aligning with the unique culture, mission, and objectives within your organization to create impactful wellness programs that meet your employee’s individual needs and maximize employee participation. As a result, you’ll see happier, healthier, and more productive employees—and a healthier bottom line. Fusion Footwear offers consulting to help you design an employee wellness program for your business based on your budget, goals, and population.


    1. BUILDING THE FOUNDATION - Implementing Baseline Assessments & Goal Setting We start by assessing your population and then helping you set measurable goals such as improved engagement, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, higher morale, and reduced health care costs that are achievable, affordable, and consistent with the vision of your organization’s wellness program.

    2. CREATING MOMENTUM - Engaging Employees & Creating Wellness Teams

    Because every successful wellness program requires the enthusiastic participation of employees, asking them what they want in their wellness plan is essential. With employee input, we meticulously fashion the program to meet employee needs and interests. We also organize an employee wellness team which will contribute ideas and skills necessary to build your company’s strategy for wellness.

    3. DESIGNING THE PLAN - Creating Structure & Evaluating Plans

    An annual operating plan with measurable goals and objectives is essential to frame a results-driven wellness program. This includes a detailed plan for evaluation that will show our clients a measurable return on their investment. You will see your wellness program goals being met with the comprehensive services Fusion Footwear provides, including:

    • Seasoned consultant with the expertise to develop and drive a results-oriented wellness program
    • Program models for participation-based and outcomes-based programs
    • Assessment of client’s population
    • Customized programming to meet client’s needs, interests, and budget
    • Operating plan with measurable goals and objectives
    • Healthy workplace policy development
    • Wellness program integration into benefit plan design
    • Marketing strategies and promotional activities
    • Wellness team creation and facilitation
    • Strategies to secure senior management support
    • Return-on-investment analysis and outcomes evaluation


    Presentations & Workshops

    Workshops/Presentations on nutrition, stress management, weight management, exercise, and others.


    Health Promotion Toolkits/Challenges

    As your best-in-class resource for employee health promotion programming, we create each program based on our client’s business plan and culture, and then implement, manage, and evaluate it throughout its existence.


    On-site Health Education & Fitness Assessments/Coaching 

    Onsite Blood Pressure Screenings 


    Onsite Group Exercise Classes

    Employees with common fitness goals enjoy doing group exercise together or participating in biking, running, or walking clubs. Led by a certified instructor, participants have fun while they build healthier, stress-free, disease- resistant bodies. Most conference rooms or other multi-purpose spaces can be easily transformed into a temporary group fitness space! We will supply you with an experienced, certified, and motivating group fitness instructor and promotional materials. Classes can be set up as participant-paid, employer-paid or a combination of both.



    We can take you from conceptualization and visioning to the grand opening and beyond. Stephanie possesses over 15 years of fitness center design and management experience. She will oversee every aspect of the process and will directly guide every step of the way.

    Our comprehensive design services include:

    • Consultation and planning
    • Fitness center design and layout
    • Fitness equipment selection, layout, and installation
    • Integrative marketing strategies, website design and club/services promotion: in-house graphic design, social media, blog, website, customized marketing collateral, copy writing and event planning
    • Policies and procedures development
    • Participant enrollment, medical release, and consent forms 
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