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  • Stephanie and Mauricio Periera da Silva

    Coaches-Stephanie and Mauricio Pereira da Silva

    Stephanie PDS, owner of FUSION Footwear and pdsF.U.S.I.O.N., is a nationally certified trainer & coach and can provide you with the tools needed to reach your goals. Using science-based techniques and research, Stephanie will design you or your group a personalized fitness journey guaranteed for success.

    Mauricio PDS, owner of FUSION Footwear and trainer for pdsF.U.S.I.O.N., is a former professional soccer player for Brazil and certified coach. Using science-based techniques and research, Mauricio will design you or your group a personalized fitness journey guaranteed for success.

    1x1 Personal Training or Group Personal Training:
    From performance-based fitness goals to changing your body composition, we will create a customized program tailored to your specific needs. Through assessments, tracking and accountability, your trainer will have your back with a vested interest in your success.

    Youth Personal Training:
    Exercise guidelines are different for children and adults. We show kids how to have fun while improving their sports skills, increasing their physical activity level, and realistic weight management goals.

    Stephanie's Pricing Guide
    Mauricio's Pricing Guide

    Race Planning & Mentorship


    8 weeks

    If you want to start your running journey but are not sure where to start, or run some now but don't consider yourself a "real runner," join us for 8 weeks of building foundational running skills, fitness and confidence. At the end of the plan, you'll be ready to take on your running goals!

    The program will start with short run/walk intervals that progressively increase to get you to 1-2 miles of continuous running and one hour of movement in 8 weeks. Every week will include 3-4 run/walk workouts and cross training, including light speed intervals and a weekend long run. We'll also cover running basics that will set you up for success, like goal setting, stretching and injury prevention, and how to recover right.


    8 weeks

    Congrats on setting a goal to run your first 5k, PRing your 5k or just learning how to love the 3.1 mile distance! Maybe you're a brand-new runner, or maybe you're getting back into it after some time away. There are no prerequisites for this program - all runners and runners-to-be are welcome.

    Beginner plans will start with 4 short run/walk workouts a week and one cross training day, starting at 1.5 miles and building up to 3.1 miles. We will use run/walk intervals to build endurance and work up to continuous running, and all running workouts are based on your own effort and comfort level. Advanced/PR programs work on pace/heart rate metrics to improve overall results.


    8 weeks

    This program focuses on building your aerobic base so you feel comfortable running a 10k. Get familiar with different effort levels and paces, and work on strength and flexibility to prevent injuries.

    The plan includes 3-4 running workouts per week, including speed intervals and tempo runs, and one cross training day per week. The program starts at 9 miles in week 1 with a long run of 3 miles, and builds to 20 miles a week with a long run of 7 miles.
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